Why a good anti-virus is important


Often it’s fairly the same story. A new virus or malware all over the internet. There are a few popular names such as Cryptolocker, the Wanna Cry ransomware, iloveyou, my doom. There are easily thousands which do not get the same level of popularity, but nonetheless lethal.

WannaCry for exemple spread rapidly over the internet infecting hundreds of thousands of PCs and causing billions of dollars worth of damage, and it was devastating for companies running their businesses on computer networks as well as regular people like you and me.

It served as an important reminder of how vital it is to have quality anti-virus and backups. Aside from the costs associated with malware and cryptoware attacks on a grand scale, there are several other important reasons for keeping your computer protected . This guide lists 6 reasons why you should invest in quality antivirus and security software.

There is No Such Thing As Free Protection

Though the Internet is abundant with antivirus and security software available as free downloads, it is well worth investing in a fully-featured software package from a trusted developer.

Although free alternatives provide a certain amount of protection from malicious software, they are generally stripped down to the basics in terms of functionality, and they also usually only serve as demos of the fully-featured versions.

Quality commercial antivirus programs offer enhanced protection that will block trojan-infected spam, detect phishing attempts, and block potentially malicious websites.

Antivirus and Security Software Compatibility

To be fully protected, a computer should have both an antivirus program to detect worms and viruses, and a firewall to block out hacker attacks.

The advantage of buying quality antivirus and security software is that one typically gets both of these types of protection in the same package, eliminating any compatibility problems that may arise when using security software from different manufacturers on the same computer.

Viruses And Trojans Operate Undercover

Trojans can be impressively well crafted fakes, posing as legitimate programs, and can trick even the most experienced user into clicking “Open.”

Common sense goes a long way to protect against malicious code, but any computer running without quality antivirus and security software risks being infected.

 Your Personal Data Is Worth Protecting

Today, more and more, our lives exist as fragments on our computer hard-drives; family photos, bank account details, work related material, school papers, passwords, usernames, address books, calendars, music, movies, private documents – and the list goes on.

All of it could be destroyed irreparably by a worm or virus, or worse still, could fall into the hands of a capable hacker. Quality antivirus and security software not only protects computers from the attacks themselves.

A good backup really does save the day in those moments.

Protecting Others

Another reason for investing in quality antivirus and security software is because it is the responsible thing to do.

People who choose not to install antivirus and security software put millions of other computer users at risk. Viruses operate by spreading from one computer to the next, and each unprotected computer potentially facilitates the spread of malicious code by serving as a weak link.

The fewer unprotected computers there are, the more difficult it is for computer viruses to spread rapidly across the web. Having antivirus and security software installed is similar to accepting a shot of vaccine to prevent it from spreading via unprotected agents.

Avoiding Future Repair Costs

Buying a new computer or operating system can be an expensive investment. Antivirus and security software, on the other hand, is available at relatively affordable prices. Investing in high-quality antivirus and security software is like buying an insurance policy for your computer and your important data.

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