IT Security

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, our mission is to provide simple IT solutions to everyday professionals. Whether it’s at home, on the road or in an office we have the right innovative solutions for you.

At IT Counsel Services, we specialize in IT Security. Our service expertise includes advisory and design services. We also provide technology implementation and managed services so that you don’t have to. We’ll provide you with the tools and guidance to ensure that your digital information is safe, protected and free of unauthorized changes.

Our Services

We are business enablers. We support your business strategy and translate technological advancements into business opportunities and capabilities.

Our services and solutions bring you real life, tangible, day-to-day benefits.
These combined benefits will help you get more done, be more efficient and assist you in achieving your goals

security posture and checklist

Security Assessment

By evaluating the collective security status of all software, hardware, services, networks, information, vendors and service providers we can tell you where you stand. From there we can start improving.

network firewall

Firewall Services

A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. By controlling what or who can in or out of your network we improve on security

vpn access - work from home

Remote Access - VPN

VPN secures the private network, using encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network. Simply put, this allows anyone to work from any location with internet access.

endpoint security - antivirus malware


We start with your pc, mac, laptops, tablets, mobile devices and ensure that you have the proper anti virus / malware software. By protecting your device, we reduce the risk of infection or unwanted surprises.

data protection - cloud backups

Cloud Backups

We safeguard your important information from corruption, compromise or loss. Certain fields or countries have regulations. Not only we respect the law but we can get you back on your feet anytime.

information technology answers


We follow the trends and monitor tech advances to ensure our offerings are up to date and cost effective. With in-house expertise, we are likely to have the right answers, or we will find them for you.

Intuitive solutions

Our solutions are intuitive and efficient. Get technology that works for your business–simply, securely, reliably, and affordably.

You have big plans for your small business–and they don’t include managing complex, multi vendor IT solutions. Let us show you a simpler way.

straight between two points

efficiency is money

Our promise to you is to provide secure, stable IT services with an optimal cost.

By understanding and aligning with your business goals and strategies, we can showcase how to leverage technology to increase profit, enable growth and stay ahead of the competition

business progress

Safety is everything

Every professional and modern company depends on data and operational up-time for its very survival.

Our solutions will provide data protection, data recovery and safeguards against system crashes, data leaks, ransomware attacks and human errors. Let us give you peace of mind.

man serving security